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My most recent design venture has been customizing various products like canvases, shirts, mugs, stickers and more!

You can send me a design that you love or I can work with you to help create something more personalized. Please note that I cannot sell items with any licensed or copyrighted material (i.e. anything Disney) but we can get creative & use words or phrases that have to do with it.

Prices vary depending on the product you choose + the intricacy of the design. For example, a basic cotton shirt with one word on it will cost less than a denim jacket with a mandala that I need to spend a lot of time cutting the vinyl pieces out of.

Contact me to discuss pricing & to get your project started!

You can also view my products listed below available for purchase.

These items are available for purchase as is with no customization/personalization.

Click on any photo for more info!

Contact me to purchase any of these following items. Pricing may vary depending on what you order/how you customize it.

Click on any photo for more info!

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